Victor’s Other Vector

Hi, I’m Victor Geislinger!

I’m a machine learning engineer / data scientist that also likes to think about outreach and teaching others about technical stuff.

  • GitHub @MrGeislinger: Been my central place where I host things that I work on. Might change but for now you can see some of the things I’ve played around with over there.
  • Threads @VictorsOtherVector: Where I’ve been most active & just having fun & good conversations.
  • YouTube @VictorsOtherVector: Been known to put out stuff sometimes. It’s usually about sofware engineering & ML/AI.
  • LinkedIn: This is the best place to actually message me; just be genuine & not a robot and I’ll try to message back.
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The newsletter is a free-to-view medium for me to share what I find interesting, so it’ll mostly center around machine learning (AI), education, and language/linguistics. Other things may leak through but it’ll be close to on brand.

The newsletter comes through on Substack but the actual material will more or less will be from other places such as this site ( or YouTube.

The other places I might as well mention: