House of Leaves

Reading Journey

  • Started: 2024-05-14T16:18:31Z
  • Ended: 2024-05-19T16:46:51Z
  • Total Time Read: 6hrs 7mins 59secs
import pandas as pd

df = pd.read_csv(

book_name = """House of Leaves"""
one_title = one_title_data(df, book_name)
one_title_summary = get_summary_by_day(one_title)
generate_plot(one_title_summary, book_name);
Figure 1: Reading done for House of Leaves

Thoughts on House of Leaves


This book really shines in how its physically structured with the story told in the footnotes of footnotes and appendices. It’s meant to emulate a non-fiction book while also telling (at least) two different stories that have different parallels to one another. If this book could be summarized, its vibe is layers.

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