The Molecule of More

Reading Journey

  • Started: 2024-05-08T16:35:53Z
  • Ended: 2024-05-10T22:22:59Z
  • Total Time Read: 2hrs 56mins 14secs
import pandas as pd

df = pd.read_csv(

book_name = """The Molecule of More"""
one_title = one_title_data(df, book_name)
one_title_summary = get_summary_by_day(one_title)
generate_plot(one_title_summary, book_name);
Figure 1: Reading done for The Molecule of More

Thoughts on The Molecule of More


This was one of the two books I heard mentioned from a child psychologist being that one was ‘good’ and the other was less helpful. I think this was the ‘good’ book. It did have me reframe my thinking about what dopamine really is. I liked it but I was skeptical of some implications made by the authors.

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